HydroMetrics Nitrate GW50 Groundwater Optical Nitrate Sensor

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Many countries around the world are in the process of adopting nitrate caps via nitrogen discharge allowances to manage nitrate losses into freshwater bodies and groundwater drinking supplies from agricultural production.

One area that remains unclear is how nitrate losses will be reliably measured to monitor and enforce these limits. Current approaches are principally based on modelling, rather than direct measurement of nitrate losses, as options such as regular physical sampling or real-time sensors are too expensive to be scalable. To address this, the HydroMetrics team has developed a low-cost sensor capable of measuring the concentration of nitrates in groundwater via monitoring wells.


Welcome to the HydroMetrics Team, Parsa!

HydroMetrics sensors installed on Lincoln University's Dairy Farm

Blair Miller, General Manager of HydroMetrics, features in this month's edition of Latitude magazine

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I purchased the HydroMetrics Nitrate GW50 Groundwater Optical Nitrate Sensor last year. I have found the HydroMetrics equipment extremely easy to use - plus it records consistent and accurate results in real-time. The mobile kit is fit for purpose and suits my needs.

Val McMillan, McMillan Drilling

HydroMetrics nitrate sensors are a great option for farmers who are looking to collect meaningful water quality data on their properties. With increasing environmental compliance pressures, prudent farmers are able to track nitrogen levels in real time and can use this data to identify critical incidents and improve management. Additionally this data will show long term trends and can be useful in demonstrating compliance with national and regional water quality rules and regulations.

Clare Buchanan, Lincoln University Dairy Farm