HydroMetrics is labelled as a 'game changer'

Nov, 2021

A project on a South Canterbury farm to monitor water quality in real time could be a “game changer”, catchment groups say.

A group has received $75,000 from the Our Land and Water Rural Professionals Fund for a year-long trial of the technology, which will take place at the Wainono Dairies Farm in Fairlie.

Project manager Charlotte Irving said "farmers are increasingly interested in monitoring the health of their on-farm waterways, usually through spot samples taken manually and sent to a lab for testing. Until recently, the technology has been relatively complex and relatively expensive, however, we are using HydroMetrics sensors which are more feasible for farmers and catchment groups."

South Canterbury Catchment Collective Society chairman Mark Adams commented HydroMetrics was potentially a “game changer” for the farming industry.

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