General Specifications

The benefits of the HydroMetrics sensor

  • Groundwater deployment to measure nitrate nitrogen concentrations.
  • Deployment in low ionic strength groundwater means organic carbon or chloride interferences are minimal.
  • Designed to allow installation in 50 mm wells. These are often able to be installed by low cost direct push technologies, reducing the overall installation cost.
  • Remote data-logging capability for real-time data.
  • A fit for purpose Nitrate Sensor at a low price point that enables feasible deployment across multiple sites at the catchment or farm scale.
  • Low power consumption (solar power installation possible).
  • The sensor utilises optical sensor technology to extend the service interval when compared to other lower cost technologies such as Ion Selective Electrodes, which often suffer from significant calibration drift. This makes Lincoln Agritech’s optical sensor more suitable for long term unattended deployment.
  • Periodic cleaning rather than calibration required, reducing ongoing maintenance.
  • Continuous monitoring as opposed to laboratory analysis is rapidly growing within the agricultural community due to increased data frequency.


General and Technical Specifications

Our Products

Types of HydroMetrics sensors available for purchase

  • HydroMetrics GW50 Nitrate Sensor for groundwater or clean surface water applications
  • HydroMetrics GW50PC Nitrate Sensor with water jet cleaning
  • HydroMetrics GW50FC Nitrate Sensor for flow cell operation

HydroMetrics GW50 Nitrate Sensor
The base GW50 groundwater optical sensor.  It is generally designed for installation in a bore with internal diameter of 50mm or greater.  For maximum accuracy, groundwater must be low in turbidity and with limited dissolved organic carbon. 

HydroMetrics GW50PC Sensor Pump Cleaner
Biological activity in groundwater can create biofilms on the measurement cell of the GW50 sensors. Testing has shown that a water jet can be an effective method for cleaning the sensor resulting in significant reduction in the need for manual cleaning in most cases. We have conducted tests where sensors that required monthly cleaning have been left 12 months with no biofilm build up.

HydroMetrics GW50FC Sensor Flow Cell
Occasionally there are situations where a suitable bore is not available to install a GW50 or GW50PC nitrate sensor. To circumnavigate these issues, the GW50FC nitrate sensor model has been created. Water can be pumped from the groundwater well and piped through to the GW50FC sensor. 


General and Technical Specifications

Accessing data and connectivity

Speed of access is important and connectivity is key to data access

HydroMetrics sensors integrate easily with third party loggers and existing telemetry systems. When connected, data can be accessed anytime from anywhere on all portable devices including cell phones, tablets and computers. For those that do not wish to use the telemetry option, you can use internal data logging for standalone applications. 

  • Modern communication systems allow data to be accessed in real-time with no delays.
  • Makes reporting easy.
  • Hydrometrics sensors can be connected to a wide range of communication devices to make accessing the data very simple.
  • It is easy to make the information available to people who require it via servers or internet websites.
  • Manual downloading or laboratory processing is expensive and time consuming.