HydroMetrics sensors installed on Lincoln University's Dairy Farm

Sep, 2020

Lincoln University Dairy Farm (LUDF)'s Demonstration Manager, Clare Buchanan, recently featured in the Otago Daily Times.

Clare is a great champion of promoting the latest tools and techniques and helping farmers to improve their environmental footprints.

"I think with farming, we are doing quite well compared to other countries. It’s a balance between the economy and the environment, but we are taking steps in the right direction."

LUDF has two HydroMetrics sensors installed on farm. These were recently showcased at LUDF's Farm Focus Day and featured on their YouTube channel.

"HydroMetrics nitrate sensors are a great option for farmers who are looking to collect meaningful water quality data on their properties. With increasing environmental compliance pressures, prudent farmers are able to track nitrogen levels in real time and can use this data to identify critical incidents and improve management. Additionally this data will show long term trends and can be useful in demonstrating compliance with national and regional water quality rules and regulations."

She says working with Lincoln gives her an opportunity to expand her skill set and be exposed to cutting-edge dairy science.