HydroMetrics showcased on 'Sarah's Country' podcast

Mar, 2020

Bold acceptance needed, not just bold thinking - we have the solutions to all of our problems, but do we have the egos to fix them?

To celebrate World Water Day (22 March), Sarah Perriam, the host of Sarah's Country, was joined by guest co-host Dr Blair Miller, Group Manager for Environmental Research from Lincoln Agritech to discuss water quality and quantity.

Guests on this week’s show:

1. BIG INVESTMENT BEING POURED INTO REGEN AG: Calm the Farm & Toha Foundry founder, Mike Taitoko.

2. SCEPTICAL SHEEP FARMER TURNS CURIOSITY INTO CASH: South Otago sheep & beef farmer, Hamish Bielski.

3. SELLING MORE THAN OUR ‘NATURE’ STORY: NZ Story director, Rebecca Smith.

4. CHINA & COVID-19 NOT DRIVING FARMGATE PRICES: AgriHQ sheep & beef analysts, Mel Croad & Suz Bremner.

Listen to the show:

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