Showcasing HydroMetrics at the Irrigo Nitrogen Reduction Trade Show

Jun, 2020

HydroMetrics will be showcasing their real-time nitrate sensors at the upcoming Irrigo Nitrogen Reduction Trade Show.

Nitrogen Reduction Trade Show 
9.30 am, Thursday 9 July 
Hotel Ashburton, 11/35 Racecourse Road, Allenton, Ashburton 7700

Learn about the latest tools, technologies and methods available to reduce your nitrogen fertiliser use to meet the proposed 190 kg N/ha nitrogen fertiliser cap.

There will be two briefing sessions. The first session will start at 9.30 am, followed by a second session at 2.30 pm. Following the briefing sessions there will be an opportunity to network with industry partners and providers.

HydroMetrics will be showcasing their real-time nitrate sensors.

Lincoln Agritech Limited, parent company of HydroMetrics, will also be showcasing their Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) Sustainable Farming Fund research programmes - Catch Crops for reduced nitrate leaching and Optical sensors for Dairy Pastures - at the trade show as well.

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